Garage Door Openers

A garage door without an opener that helps it open and close its panels is not complete. There are different kinds of garage door openers that are based on the requirements you seek and type of garage door you have.

Belt driven openers or better known as belt drives provides the most quiet movement and at the same time lessen vibration on the garage door panels and on the opener itself. However, belt drives require larger up-front investment as they are quite expensive compared to other drives, as they are usually made with polyurethane, fiberglass, or steel-reinforced rubber.

Chain Drives or the chain-driven models, as the name says, includes chain that moves the trolley connected to a metal bar which is attached to the garage door itself. Because of its metal to metal link, chain drive function could be to some degree loud along with a few vibrations could take place. Chain drives are considered the most economical, that is the reason why a number of residence employs this specific opener.

Screw Drives or the screw-driven openers on the other hand claims that it requires less maintenance compared to other openers as their design is composed of fewer moving parts. Screw drives also offers moderately silent function because it makes use of plastic-lined tracks that minimizes sounds and vibration.